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Even's Legal Funding service balances the scales of justice.

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How It Works

We've got you covered.

Get top legal services without worrying about the bills.

We match you with a lawyer from our handpicked network

Even covers your legal fees and other claim expenses

You don't pay anything unless your claim is successful


It comes down to your claim.

Factors we consider

Type of claim
Size of claim
Complexity of claim
Mitigating factors

Common Questions

How do I apply?

By completing our online application form here.

What law firms do you work with?

We've partnered with some of the top employment firms in Ontario, most of whom have over 20 years of experience. These lawyers generally work on an hourly rate and our Legal Funding service provides a different way of obtaining the same top-quality employment law services.

Do I have a case? How much am I owed?

Once your application is approved one of our partner law firms will be able to provide a free review of your potential claim to determine how much you may be entitled to.

How much does it cost?

You can learn more about how the pricing works here.

How long will my case take?

The timing varies significantly depending on the situation. Once a lawyer has had time to fully assess your situation they will be in a position to tell you how long it may take for your case to get resolved.

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