Frequently Asked Questions

How much does everything cost?

You can visit our pricing page here.

What about money I've already been offered?

The fee does not apply to this amount - it only applies to any improved amount above and beyond what you've already been offered.

When do I have to pay?

Only when you get paid from a successful recovery. None of our services cost anything up front.

What happens if my claim is unsuccessful?

If the lawyer is unsuccessful for whatever reason you are not responsible for paying legal fees. In addition, if you qualified for our non-recourse severance advance, you would not have to pay back that amount either.

Will my employer have to reimburse my legal fees?

The opposing party in a case may agree or be ordered to cover a portion or all of your legal costs. There is no fee applied to any amounts recovered for legal costs.

How are taxes applied?

The lawyers are often able to structure a settlement so that it’s beneficial to the employee from a tax perspective.

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