Frequently Asked Questions

How can Even help me?

We help terminated employees access some of the best employment lawyers with a fee arrangement that works for them. We also provide financial services to lessen the risk of litigation and the stress of losing a job.

What law firms do you work with?

We've partnered with some of the top employment firms in Ontario, most of whom have over 20 years of experience. These lawyers generally work on an hourly rate and our Legal Funding service provides a different way of obtaining the same top-quality employment law services.

What is your Offer Guarantee?

Our Offer Guarantee ensures that you will receive no less than any amount you have already been offered, regardless if that offer is revoked or expired and is not renewed or extended. It removes the risk associated with negotiating (you can't walk away with anything worse).

What is the Severance Advance?

The Severance Advance is a non-recourse loan -- we lend you money before your claim is resolved and you only have to pay us back if and when your claim is successful.

Are you a law firm?

No, but we are the exclusive partner of various top employment law firms in Ontario.

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